Custom Created Putting Greens Are Not As Expensive As You Might Think

Custom Putting Greens are the only way to go. You get exactly what you and your budget want. Well… most of the time anyway. Most homeowners only have so much land that they can do something with. If you live anywhere near a city, you probably have smaller lot sizes. That’s ok. Less lawn for you to cut. Speaking for myself… I hate it.
Custom Greens allow you to tailor your property with the exact size practice area you would like. If it’s putting you want, there are options to give you the best roll. If you want to hit chip and pitch shots in to your green, we have you covered for that also.
So now that we have the green that you will need for the space that you have; it all comes down to the investment. I say investment because it isn’t a cost. You will get a great benefit from your green like (game improvement, more and better practice, family time, more time spent at home, rehabbing from injury or surgery, etc.). How can you put a cost on that?
We have prided ourselves on giving our clients exactly what they want for whatever their budget allows. Whether it’s a $500 or $25,000 green, we’ll take care of you.
You have my word on that…

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